Our fees are comprised of the following parts:

The fee for the heritage investigation is a purely contingent fee, which is agreed upon with the heir presumptive and calibrated to the scale and complexity of the investigation. We work at our own commercial risk. If there are no heirs to find, we will bear the all costs.

Do I have to provide an advance?

No, Genealogia badenia e.K. advances the costs and expenses arising in the course of the investigation.

When are the fees due ?

Our fee is payable upon the distrabution of the estate to the entitled heir(s) or person(s) .

When is Genealogia badenia e.K. entitled to a fee ?

On the 23rd of September 1999 , III ZR 323/98 , the Federal Court ruled that the legacy investigators compensation can only be claimed if it completes a compensation agreement with the heirs. This judgment was confirmed on the 23rd of February 2006 again by the Supreme Court ( BGH decision III ZR 209/ 05).

What are the fees of Genealogia badenia e.K. ?

The fee rate, which is based on the difficulty and expense of the investigation is agreed upon by the heirs as determined by Genealogia badenia e.K..

Through several German and European court rulings, remuneration of 20 to 30 percent of the estate value, subject to VAT, is considered appropriate .

• Higher Regional Court of Brandenburg, judgment of 20 May 2008, 11 U 157/ 07
• Berlin Court of Appeal , judgment of 5 November 2001 , 26 U 10301/100
• Berlin Regional Court , judgment of 19 December 2003 , 35 O 131/ 03
• Berlin Regional Court , judgment of 1 February 2002 , 35 0423 /01
• Darmstadt Regional Court , judgment of 29 June 2000 , 13 0 15/99
• Potsdam Regional Court , judgment of 7 October 2008 , 6 O 128/ 08
• District Court Ellwangen , judgment of 14 May 2003 , 5 O 95/ 03
• Vienna Court , decision of 3 October 1996 , 1 Whether 2168/96x

What costs are included?

The fee of Genealogia badenia e.K. includes all costs and expenses incurred in the course of the investigaton. Costs and expenses may include, but are not limited to, research costs, legal costs, consultant costs, notary fees, travel expenses, and translation of documents.

What are the court and administartive costs associated with collaboration with the Genealogia badenia e.K. ?

Since we agree on our remuneration with expected heirs, the probate court and administrative service costs of Genealogia badenia e.K. are not charged to the heirs.

Prices for obtaining documents and archival Research

The fee depends on expense as well as difficulty of the performance.The prices do not include any applicable VAT.
The accounting period occurs per quarter of an hour.

Expenses for copying costs will be charged according to the fee schedules of the respective institutions and archives. Costs associated with institutions and facilities, including for document procurement abroad, will be advanced by Genealogia badenia e.K..

Travel expenses

Travel expenses will be charged at € 0.30 per kilometer, round trip for each archive.  The distance of a route is determined by a route planer .